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Currently, products made from cowhide often have a high price and are favored by many consumers, so it is easy to counterfeit. Because of the immediate benefit of good income, there are more and more establishments and retail locations of cowhide selling fake and imitation cowhide. It not only becomes a sore problem of society but also wastes money, time and even potentially endangers the health of consumers. Join with us - Aury to learn about the best place to buy genuine leather through the article below. 

Distinguishing genuine and fake leather 

Nowadays, in order to gain high profits, many people, despite all tricks, create low-quality leather products for sale without selling genuine leather. As consumers, we need to pay attention to not buy fake goods. We can rely on the following characteristics: for products made from imitation leather, the price is very cheap and rougher than leather, the surface is glossy and often sold in the market. After a period of use, these products are easy to peel, scratch, explode, etc. In addition, if you look closely, real leather will have traces of pores, natural ridges, protrusions and concave. However, real leather does not crack or when pressed down, it will dent. You can heat it through the fire to distinguish fake or real leather. 

Genuine leather after a period of use does not peel, scratch, or explode. 

Prepare for the tanning process 

Before selling genuine leather products, it is necessary to have a preparatory stage for tanning to create quality products. First you need to prepare the area, these skins are larger than you think and very different from what you can expect. Leather from different parts of the animal also varies in characteristics and this should be kept in mind when using leather products. The thickness of the hide varies across the animal and to obtain the required thickness it is usually cut out on a special cutter or polished to an appropriate thickness. 

Cowhide is the most commonly used leather today. 

Second, from leather to fur, different parts of the leather have different properties in terms of flexibility and durability, which makes a few parts of the leather suitable for interior use. Finally, it is necessary to prepare the ingredients to make it : 60-65% water, 25-30% protein, 5-10% fat. 

Where to choose the best retail cowhide? 

As a smart consumer, you need to know how to choose the best place to shop. You have to search, survey market prices, quality, product materials before buying and using. Select the selling stores, providing goods with full origin, papers of origin, testing and evaluation of authority departments. You should avoid stores that often have discount programs, stock clearance, buy one get one free... 

Aury Vietnam specializes in importing and supplying high quality cowhide both for retail and wholesale purposes.

If you are looking for a supplier that sells genuine leather then come to Aury Vietnam. Currently, the company distributes a lot of cowhide products imported from major countries. So, the brand always ensures 100% genuine leather quality and a safe handling process. Surely, this is the supplier that provides you with the best quality cowhide on the market. 

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