By providing excellent yet affordable customized leather to businesses all over the world, we enable them to create magnificent designs.


Aury Vietnam is one of Asia's leading leather suppliers. Founded in 2015, Aury has a team of associates and business partners with more than 30 years of experience in leather making.

Our professional staff have at least 10 years of experience in the field.We source high quality raw hides from major points of supply all around the world. Then, we process and style the leather in our partners' factories equipped with cutting-edge machinery, using innovative technologies.

Thanks to our expertise and the increasing volume of leather we process, we are able to provide a vast array of high quality leather with hundreds of colors and finishes, at affordable prices and reasonable minimum orders quantities.

Our dedicated attitude and professional one-on-one customer service allow us to fulfill even the most demanding and specific requirements. This ability along with our customer centric approach has made us one of the main leather actors on the market.

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We offer genuine leather solutions for furniture, upholstery, automotive interiors, footwear and fashion accessories. We specialize in cowhide and buffalo leather. We carefully select, test and import rustic leather. Then, treat, tan, dye and style the custom leather according to the customer's request. We do rigorous quality control to deliver beautiful, durable, high-quality leather products to our customers.

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With the advantage of many years of working with major partners, flexible sourcing and production; Having high capacity in quality testing as well as import-export experience; high focus on customer service; as well as being trained in the field of tanning, which enables us to meet the diverse requirements of our customers with excellence. At Aury, we strive to provide every perfect leather for our clients' designs.



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We believe that a considerate and dedicated heart at work always brings joy and great results.

This is our work ethic towards our partners, our associates and of course our customers.


Positive energy always comes from customer satisfaction.

From understanding the needs to providing the most optimal products and services. With great work responsibility, we want to ensure our customers' expectations, which is an everyday joy of our growth journey.


With the desire to create products with economic prices while protecting the health of consumers and Mother Earth, AURY VIETNAM is accompanying MASTROTTO - a global tannery group, to bring great experience and create an eco-friendly product line that goes with the global trend of “SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION”, a collection called “CARBON NEUTRAL” – refers to the reduction of CO emissions through produced and transport process by removing carbon or offsetting it.

Carbon Neutral plays a huge role in humanity's sustainable growth journey as it will allow us to reduce CO2 quickly and bring out many social/community benefits. Furthermore, it also helps to reduce the direct impacts of CO2 emissions on the earth.

So what's the benefit of the “Carbon Neutral”? - Carbon neutrality is internationally recognized as a way to make people raise self-awareness over environmental responsibility for the inevitable CO2 emissions in daily life, as well as in production activities & business.

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We are constantly striving to find new designs, as well as new trends in the field of leather materials to inspire creativity for customers as well as readers.

We transform raw materials into perfect products to realize the dreams as well as creations of our customers on each interior product.





The factory we have partnered with is located in Bursa, 50 minutes by road from the International Airport.

This factory has a long history of more than 80 years in leather tanning. With a production capacity of about 4 million square feet per month.

The factory has adopted a responsible production process with good management of water resources, water treatment, and reduction of waste.

Following the world fashion and the technological developments of the industry closely, this factory is a leader in the supply of cowhide for the fashion and apparel industry (including footwear, bags, and accessories).



Thailand has a strong tradition in tanneries.

The factory we are working with is located on the outskirts of Bangkok on an area of about 15,000 square meters.

This factory has more than 40 years of experience in the field of tanning.

With this factory, we mainly focus on the production of cowhide for the furniture industry (sofa upholstery, leather car seats & furniture in general)



Italy also has a strong tradition in leather supply & tanneries.

The factory we have partnered with is located in in the province of Vicenza, Veneto and was established in 1958.

This factory is a point of reference in the processing of bovine hides for the furniture, footwear, leather food, automotive, marine & aviation industry.

With constant technological innovations and a great knowledge of the trends, this partner is a leader in the leather field in Italy.

Moreover, as in international player, this factory has adopted good production practices to minimise the impact of hide treatment on the environment (water purification, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions)




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