How to choose good quality tanned cowhide

Leather products are more and more used in today's life. Many people have a need to buy good quality cowhide leather to serve the needs of goods production, furniture workshops or car seat covers... So to know how to choose products and choose the best leather suppliers, visit auryvietnam.com.

Check the quantity of leather before buying tanned cowhide 

Before buying tanned cowhide for production, you must calculate the design, how many pieces you need to use. After capturing a specific number, you must subtract the amount of loss in the production process. So you already know how to calculate the loss of leather material when manufacturing or not. You can refer to the calculation of the loss as follows:

  • For full grain leather, its loss will be at the level of use from 65% to 75% depending on the leather. Therefore, when buying, you choose about 70% to calculate for this skin type and the loss is 30%. 
  • For top grain leather, the level of use is from 75% to 85%. Depending on the cases, the loss can be up to 90%, so let’s consider an average of about 80% and the loss fluctuates around 20%.
  • For suede, the level of use is from 85% to 95% depending on the different leather hides. This is the type of leather with the lowest loss, so we can calculate the loss of about 10%. 

It is necessary to consider the price of each type of cowhide. 

Surely the price of each type of cowhide varies. Therefore, you should decide if you buy cowhide leather at a reasonable price or if you produce your own leather depending on your customer target. High-end, good-quality products always come with a higher price. Therefore, you should choose a leather material with a price suitable for the customer segment you are targeting. 

Learning about the price of cowhide is essential 

Increase your knowledge to recognize genuine leather from fake leather.

Currently, fake leather is more and more sophisticated. If you don't have the knowledge, you can buy a poor quality product, perishable. Therefore, before buying cowhide leather, you need to build your recognition knowledge: 

  • Check the leather surface: If you see tiny, uneven particles on the leather, it is a sign of real leather. If the holes are even and straight, the cowhide is fake. 
  • Recognition by smell: With real cowhide, when we smell it, we will still see the smell of the animal's fat, fat throne. The fake ones will have the smell of plastic or chemicals. 
  • Use water to test: You can put a drop of water on the leather, if the leather is real, the water streak will penetrate the skin and spread because it can absorb moisture well. As for fake leather, the water will quickly wash away from the surface of the leather. 

Looking for a reputable place to buy cowhide 

To make sure that you buy genuine cowhide with good quality, choosing Aury is the safest option. Because Aury is a brand specialized in providing cowhide with guaranteed quality and price. In addition, we also have a return policy if the product does not meet the quality standards. 

Come to Aury to choose the best product.

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