Where to buy high-quality leather in HCM city?

Leather is a material used for the production of fashion items, car interiors and furniture products. It brings an extremely durable quality. However, to create a quality product in the market, many companies, businesses in the field of leather goods production must find and choose locations that provide good leather. The following article will advise about: Where to buy guaranteed leather in Ho Chi Minh City?

Why do you have to find reputable cowhide suppliers?  

Where to buy quality leather in HCM city ? Why do factories always hunt and seek prestigious leather addresses? That's because, the prestigious and quality leather providers will be the foundation for the production process of high quality leather goods. In order to get a good product, the quality of the leather should be high. This is a key factor of success so that many customers admire, praise, choose and trust a brand; therefore, it is crucial to source the best quality leather.

The competition is high and companies producing leather items are always considering many leather suppliers to compare leather quality and source the best solution. Do leather suppliers offer a nice range of leathers ? What is their price level ? These are all the criterias to determine if a leather supplier will be a long-time partner for the company.

Finding places selling quality cowhide will help the company produce leather items better. 

Buy leather from the real “Leather World” (Thế Giới Da Company)

The real “Leather World” is a brand that provides most of the leather items that many people are looking for. This is a first choice destination in Ho Chi Minh City to buy high quality leather items.

Beside the Ho Chi Minh City branch,  It has 2 other branches in Hue and Vinh Long. They use real leather material and process it into the most beautiful leather wallets and bags with affordable prices. All products here follow the impressive modern design. All products are made of high quality leather and are suitable for people who like to feel comfortable and who love gentle and delicate beauty with a luxury and classy touch. Moreover, these addresses are known by many processors and manufacturers searching for good quality leather.

The real “Leather World” Company is one of the most reputable cowhide brand in HCM city. 

Buy leather from Aury Vietnam 

Where to buy prestigious high quality leather in Ho CHi MInh City? Aury is the first choice destination for that. Aury Vietnam Brand is one of Asia's leading leather suppliers. Many leather product manufacturers are using Aury leather. Aury Vietnam is a supplier specialized in providing cowhide from countries with growing and famous cowhide industries such as: Italy, India, South Africa, Thailand ... Thanks to a good sourcing, Aury can always ensure durability of its leather which is a key criteria for Aury’s customers. Most of Aury’s customers are

  • Sofa factory, leather chairs manufacturers and designers
  • Footwear factory companies 
  • Handbag factory companies 
  • Interior project designers and architects

In addition, companies specializing in manufacturing leather fashion accessories also choose Aury as a companion for their production. The durability of the real cowhide provided by Aury is one of the reasons why many businesses trust and are loyal to Aury.

Aury Vietnam became a companion of many important customers in the world. 

For any information, please contact our Hotline at +84 (0)981 673 871 or +84 (0)28 6654 7788 for advice and more detailed information, we will be very pleased to serve you!

Aury Vietnam Email: info@auryvietnam.com 

Website: auryvietnam.com 

Address: 9th Floor, Vien Dong Building, 14 Phan Ton, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam


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