How to preserve cowhide and where to buy/ sell prestigious cowhide?

Cowhide is a material commonly used in the fashion industry and furniture production. This premium material is highly durable, but in reality there are many factors that affect the quality of cowhide. In order for cowhide products to always be beautiful, you need to apply separate methods to preserve cowhide. In the following article, Cungcapdabo.vn will provide you with a famous store and addresses to buy and sell cowhide leather. 

Factors affecting the durability of genuine cowhide:

Maximum durability of genuine cowhide.

Although genuine cowhide is one of the products that is considered to be highly durable, you should take care of it and use it in a non-preservative manner. Anyway, durability is also based on each user. Each genuine cowhide product also has a certain capacity. If you cram too many unnecessary things, it will certainly make your wallet deformed and changed after a period of use. 

Factors that affect the durability of real cowhide leather 

Environmental temperature and humidity 

At the same time, genuine cowhide products are often prone to mold because the leather has quite good hygroscopic properties, so you need to avoid wet places such as floors, bathrooms … This will help maintain the product over time. No matter how high-quality it is and how meticulously it has been produced, its life will certainly be shortened if it is not well protected. There are many factors that affect the durability of genuine cowhide leather on the market today, notably temperature and usage. 

How to preserve genuine cowhide to ensure the best quality 

Protect real cowhide products when in use 

To minimize discoloration of genuine cowhide or discoloration problems when cleaning or dusting for new leather products, you can use some real leather cleaning solutions with skin protection solutions, which help prevent oil and water, and limit dirt. In addition, you can also combine these treatments with a waterproof gel or a specialized solution to protect the quality of the leather, thereby increasing the durability of the product. 

Do not let food stains stick to real cowhide 

With food stains on the skin, you use water diluted with soap and then wipe the dirt on the product. Do not let food stains stick to real cowhide and leave it unwashed for a long time because it can cause the cowhide to become stained. 

How to care for real cowhide to ensure the best quality 

Remove mud, dirty water on real cowhide 

If mud, dirt gets on your real leather products, let them dry naturally, then take them to a professional leather launderer for the best treatment. 

Remove unpleasant odors from genuine cowhide bags 

To remove unpleasant odors from leather goods, place a bag of baking powder or baking soda in the product; Or more simply, you can put your real cowhide products in a vacuum bag for 1-2 days. When you take it off, you no longer smell anything on your real leather products. 

Regular maintenance of genuine leather goods 

When performing maintenance, make sure you do not put your hands on genuine leather products if your hands are dirty or if they are covered with liquid or cream. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for too long. For genuine suede leather products, when cleaning, handling and restoring, it is recommended that you use a special brush and use a leather moisturizer regularly to keep the product supple and durable. Ideally, clean the bag weekly with a soft cloth. 

Address to buy and sell high-quality cowhide 

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